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Let us help you take care of  your largest asset and help prevent unnecessary future maintenance costs.
We are a preventative maintenance co.
We will come to your home seasonally to perform prescheduled maintenance and any other maintenance issues that may arise between services.
We are also available for extra home repair and updating as you need.

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Let us take care of your home!

 Punchlist Home Maintenance

Yearly plans starting at $450 yr

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  • In the same way a car requires regular maintenance, so does your home to keep it functioning properly.

  • Regular preventative maintenance will increase the lifespan of your  home and often decreases the need for some of your unexpected repairs. 

  • Your home is your largest investment and asset and should be regularly maintained to prevent pre-mature wear and tear.

Home Maintenance

Contact us to set up a free consultation.

Free "Home Health Assessment" with the purchase of a yearly maintenance plan.



Our team has over 20 years experience in the field.



We take a proactive approach with your home maintenance in order to help prevent unnecessary costly repairs.



Our professionals will always be at your home on time for your seasonal appointment.

Our home maintenance professionals
only service their Yearly Maintenance Plan clients.
"We are not a handyman for hire co." This allows us to serve our clients more efficiently with their yearly scheduled maintenance and other maintenance needs.

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Contact Us Today For a Free Consultation


Yearly Home Plans

$450 Year Small Homes

(Plus Materials)

$550 Year Medium Homes 

(Plus Materials)

$650 Year Large Homes 

(Plus Materials)

Seasonally we'll perform the following necessary and preventative maintenance tasks for your home.


With your maintenance plan subscription, we will do a

"Home Health Assessment" '

This is a FREE 1 hr. home inspection 

 to determine the condition of your home and record all appliance information for repairs and maintenance purposes.

Spring Roses
Maintenance task list

Performed in:   Feb., March, April,  May

  • Inspect all bathroom plumbing:           sinks, toilets, tub and shower valves and drains, maintenance as needed.

  • Inspect kitchen plumbing: sink, dishwasher, disposal maintenance as needed.

  • Inspect furnace and replace furnace filter.

  • Blow out air conditioner and spray.

  • Clean filters on washer and dryer, blow out dryer vent, check water and drain connections.

  • Inspect fireplace, maintenance as needed, turn off gas for summer.

  • Inspect garage door mechanisms, lubricate, adjust and tighten as needed.

  • Handyman ToDo's if needed.

Home Deck
Maintenance task list

Performed in:    June, July, Aug., Sept.

  • Check all bathrooms sink plumbing, toilets, shower valves, drains and maintain

  • Check kitchen sink plumbing, dishwasher & disposal and maintain.

  • Check garage door mechanisms and lubricate, adjust and tighten as needed.

  • Quick exterior inspection prepare for summer repairs if needed

  • Replace refrigerator filters and clean microwave and hood filters.

  • Inspect condition of all tub, shower and backsplash tile, make repair suggestions if needed. 

  • Replace furnace filter

  • Drain 1 gal. of water from water heater to remove sediment.

  • Handyman ToDo's if needed

Ski Chalet
Maintenance task list

Performed in:     Oct., Nov., Dec., Jan.

  • Check all bathrooms sink plumbing, toilets, shower valves, drains and maintain.

  • Check and clean ceiling fans in all bathrooms and laundry.

  • Replace batteries in detecters.

  • Check kitchen sink plumbing, dish washer & disposal and maintain.

  • Check exterior door seals

  • Check fireplace and ignite for winter and clean glass if possible.

  • Change furnace and humidifier filters set for winter.

  • Disconnect exterior hoses from hose bib.

  • Clean and cover A/C unit for winter.

  • Handyman ToDo's if needed.

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